Lemons into Jackalopes?

JackalopesLtd had very modest beginnings as a proverbial "lemonade stand". In other words I was making lemonade from lemons.
In an effort to figure out what I wanted to be when I "grew up", in my mid-40's I decided that a pile of old boots in my garage were tiny canvases not landfill volunteers.
So in the spirit, creativity and attitude of the legendary Jackalope where two totally different animals (jackrabbits and antelopes) were combined to make something fabulously new, I began making little purses out of cowboy boots and belts. This little creative endeavor led me to full-time production of several styles of bags. I love designing new styles and keeping ahead of what my show customers might ask me for next season!
So plant a flower pot in Harold's old boots or send them to the one who's made over 2000 bags to custom design one for you. Each as unique as the girl who wears them. I'll make you something your girlfriends would be envious of.